Scarlett & Penelope

-- Paulette, I took your mail. You have a lot of letters today.

- Bloody hell, letters still exist ?! I never read them.
Please throw that crap in the garbage, honey.

- Well, if you don't read them, may I open them ?
I love to poke my nose into other people lives...

- The first letter is from Johnny Depp.
He invites to you a sex marathon.

- Him again ! Each time her wife is out he calls me...

- Second letter : some people want you to be
the new queen of the Easter Island.
SOOOOOOOO boring this place I guess.

- Third letter : Hollywood wants you !!!
A major studio is about to shoot a movie about your life !!!

- Yeah !!! Cheers !!!

- I want Penelope Cruz to play my part !!!

- And me Scarlett Johansson.
Then I could stroke my boobs all day long !!!



9 commentaires:

greta g a dit…

Héhé j'ai bien vu l'hommage à Truffaut...

Café Naïveté a dit…

ahahahah.... what else can I say.. we all know who's the Diva here:)

Davidikus a dit…

Très fort, le coup du décalage (par contre, je n'ai pas vu l'hommage à Truffaut, si quelqu'un pouvait expliquer ?)

la flore et la faune . com a dit…

greta g, bravo, tu as gagné un dvd de Domicile Conjugal (""si j'avais des seins, je me les caresserais toute la journée")

Merilin, Done ! Scarlett said yes to play Paulette.

Davidikus, le film est actuellement en tournage à Bali.

The Anthology a dit…

Paulette's such an international superstar, isn't she?

I feel honoured to know her.


The Photodiarist a dit…

LOL!!! This is awesome. The last two scenes are brilliant.

xs a dit…

lol! it looks like a drama filled and exciting film!

Ashley a dit…

love ur blog!! following you!! follow me back!

ASH! Xoxo

My Face Hunter

la flore et la faune . com a dit…

Kelsey, sure she is... And more. She's an intergalactic superstar. Martians love her.

The Photodiarist, thank you. I was very pleased to shoot Penelope and Scarlett at my home.

xs, I'll tell you when it's released.

Ashley, thank you dear. Welcome on board.